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"You don’t have to live in Hawai’i or even be Hawaiian to embrace the Aloha Spirit. Aloha can be found in the most surprising places at the most unlikely times. You just have to have an open heart and mind to recognize it!"


Mark Ellman

Kailua Crystal is a shop on the island of Oahu. We are part of a collective of shops, each with their own unique story to share with the earth. In order to keep costs as low as possible and share the love, we have combined our online shopping experience with our 2 other shops to help you find the right piece at a fair price.

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Meet Rene

Rene is the owner and founder of Kailua Crystals. Along with her husband Marlon and children, Rene came to Kailua to [insert purpose like help heal the islands]. A little more bio...

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Our Ethics

Our ethics is our truth. We strive to source all of our products from ethically sourced vendors.

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