Our amazing staff has been intuitively guided to us in order to serve you. They have open hearts and are ready to help you understand why you were drawn to our store.  

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Lele  - General Manager of Golden Rock Shop & Crystal Garden Evergreen

As a natural born mystic, intuitive and empath, I have been having lucid prophetic
dreams and insights for as long as I can remember. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner, enjoying an interest in all things metaphysical and esoteric. With mediumistic abilities, my interests also turned to the paranormal.

Through the years my studies have helped me to better understand all of these God-
given gifts and provided me with fresh perspectives on how to share these deep healing
talents with others. I am able to read and interpret messages through the media of tarot/oracle, dreams, coffee grounds, water energy, mediumship and chakras. My services also include such
things as home/office clearings and blessings, grids, christening and commitment
ceremonies. There is a special place in my heart for helping intuitive children and their
parents to understand their natural abilities.

Simply put, I am an inter-dimensional communicator with a deep personal relationship
with the Holy Spirit. For this reason I have honed my skills to be able to go straight to
Source. For well over 58 years I have been blessed with these gifts to help other sweet
souls on their Sacred Path and it is my honor and privilege to do so.

At both the Crystal Garden Evergreen and the Golden Rock Shop I will be offering a
series of sessions called The Lightworkers Toolbox. We will explore psychometry,
mediumship, cards, clearing blockages, meditation, personal healing and so much

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Jenny - Store Manager & Mother Gaia Enthusiast

After traveling around for many years and living in various places around the world, I finally found my forever home in Colorado. I've always felt connected to Mother Gaia and find joy in sharing her beautiful gifts. I am a healer, a lightworker, and always growing and learning. Over the past few years my spiritual journey has gone into hyperspeed and I couldn't be more thrilled to be where I am today; connecting with beautiful souls and sharing love with all.

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Alex - Assistant Store Manager & Silly Little Aries

Hi! My name is Alex and I was born and raised in Colorado. I’m a graduate of Fort Lewis College, a tarot reader, a lover of crystals, and a life long learner! My love and passion for the human experience and human connection lead me to my degrees in anthropology and sociology. That love and passion has now brought me to help others find healing in crystals, metaphysics, and the mysticism of the universe. Stop by the store and say hi! I can’t wait to hear all your stories!

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Israel - Sales Associate & Spiritual Warrior

Hi my name is Israel, my spiritual journey began when I was 17 years old. Coming to the realization that I was not living an authentic life and lying to myself my whole life. I realized that I am one with everyone and everything, better than no one and nothing through drastic experiences. Although I am young, I am an old soul bettering myself every day to become a spiritual warrior of love and light here to spread love and help those who seek guidance to surpass their fears and live their authentic life. My skills lie in plant medicine, mycology, psychology, herbalism, tarot/oracle, intuitive readings and crystal knowledge. I look forward for our paths to cross!!