Our amazing staff has been intuitively guided to us in order to serve you. They have open hearts and are ready to help you understand why you were drawn to our store.  

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Ellisha Doolen - Manager

Hi! I'm Ellisha. I have moved back to CO after being blessed to live in two other nature-filled states, AZ and WA. My Libra self LOVES all thing beauty... and crystals have been part of that equation ever since I was little. With my previous work experience being in the beauty industry for many years; I love making others feel beautiful and good about themselves. I am STOKED that my  background in retail management and love of crystals have now manifested into being in this role. I love all things metaphysical and spiritual and although my whole life I have been "sensitive," I started my spiritual journey around 2014. I am a student of life, excited to continue to learn and grow, while helping others along the way! When I'm not working you can find me at a concert, on the dance floor, or singing with my dog. <3

The Crystal Garden is a magical place; and I'd love for you to stop by and see what's calling your name!


Sara Moles - Assistant Manager

Hi! I'm Sara! I have lived in Colorado for the majority of my life and absolutely love it! From a young age I would collect rocks and crystals while exploring the mountains in my home town of Telluride. When I'm not at work, you can usually find me exploring new trails, climbing, or skiing. I have a passion for helping people, which is why I was so excited to join the team here at the Crystal Garden. The healing power of crystals is something I believe everyone should be aware of! I am a certified Life and Success Coach, Hypnotherapist, EFT and NLP practitioner. I love to talk about all things mental health, subconscious reprogramming and manifestation. Strike up a conversation with me next time you’re in the shop!


Alice Goldstein - Sales Associate

Hi there! I'm Alice and I'm new to Colorado. I've been a practicing witch for give or take 7 years now. I've been collecting crystals and rocks for all my life and it wasn't till 10 years ago that I learned most of the things I've collected have their own special meaning and energy. 

I would classify myself as an eccentric grey witch who dabbles in a bit of everything: crystals, herbs, spirits, energy, death, deity work, candle magic, kitchen, green, and tarot/oracle/rune.

In my free time if I'm not reading up on a current fixation I am probably doing some sort of craft. Whether that be witchcraft or arts and crafts such as silver smithing (jewelry making), sewing cosplays and renaissance gowns, mixed media that includes found objects and bones, painting and sketching. If I'm not doing any of those then I'm probably at the renaissance festival or thrift shopping.                                     As Above , So Below


Alex Lozowick - Sales Associate

Hello! My name’s Alex, I was born and raised in Evergreen, CO. Growing up here, I frequently would shop at The Crystal Garden with my mom, and I began to grow a strong interest in crystals. I am constantly learning and very excited to share! Some of my hobbies include; astrology, food, fashion, and adventures outside!


My big three: Cancer , Capricorn ☽, and Scorpio ↑ 

I am looking forward to assisting you in everything that The Crystal Garden has to offer you!


Caroline Winfrey - Sales Associate

Hi angels!! My name is Caroline, and I am so incredibly excited to assist you all on your spiritual journey using lots of love and light. I have always loved being in nature since adolescence and have been drawn to crystals and their addictive energies for as long as I can remember. My goal when meeting each and every one of you is to help you connect with your highest self and help you become more deeply rooted in your self so that you can overcome anything thrown your way.  So please come on in and say hello, I can’t wait to help and meet you all!!


Sophie Torgler - Sales Associate

Hi, my name is Sophie! I have grown up in Colorado my whole life and have been in awe of this beautiful state. I love to use every bit of free time I have to explore the outdoors, practice tarot, and indulge in metaphysical healing practices. I also love to paint and cuddle my dog! I'm thrilled to be able to share my knowledge every day about what crystals and metaphysical practices can provide for myself and others!